Prototek® Sheet Metal Fabrication boasts some of the best machinery in the quick turn prototyping and short run production industry, and now customers can see it for themselves with the aid of Business View. Starting from outside the front of the building, you can walk right through the front office and onto the shop floor, where you can see all of Prototek's machines, departments, and fully integrated operations layed out in the order which parts are processed. Prototek® does everying in its power to remain at the head of the industry, taking every opportunity to implement new technologies as they are released to replace the old. Google Business View allowed for a unique oportunity for improving their customers' understanding of what they do, and the kind of organization and efficiency that allows them to finish parts in a single day if necessary. Google Business View can be seen HERE.

With a solid commitment to on-time delivery of quality products, Prototek® Sheetmetal Fabrication is serving the prototype sheet metal and precision machining markets with the fastest lead times in the industry. We fabricate from paper prints or electronic files, and work with a full range of raw materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet, tube, angle and channel; Lexan and other plastics; copper sheet and bar; and spring steel. We have access to all the major hardware and accessory lines (handles, gaskets) , and can provide paint and powder coat finishes as well as a full complement of plating: clear and colored anodizing; chromate and zinc and chromate; hardcoat; electroplate; electroless nickel; copper, tin, silver, gold, and nickel. We are staffed by experienced employees dedicated to manufacturing quality products.

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